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Orlando, FL, 32806
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About Our Products

Fresh Ambition is committed to delivering quality products, apparel and services to all their customers and clients.


  • fresh - /freSH/

adjective - not previously known or used; new or different. recntly created or experienced and not faded or impaired.

  • am·bi·tion - /amˈbiSH(ə)n/

noun - desire and determination to achieve success.

A Fresh approach to Creative Marketing. Marketing is a lifestyle, and everyone’s lifestyle has a market.

At Fresh Ambition, we strive to give your brand and its content the most meaningful and sustainable purpose.

We understand that the 'why' should always come before the 'how' and the 'what'. We also understand that our clients deserve the best service with the Freshest approach.

Giving Back

At Fresh Ambition we pride ourselves on giving back to the local community. From donating proceeds and volunteering time to individuals with various needs, to developing and organizing community events. Fresh Ambition is here to serve and is committed to making a change.

Some Organizations Include:

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Community Food & Outreach Center

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida