Help Houston Heal - Hurricane Harvey Relief Drive


Help Houston Heal is a non-profit campaign aimed at benefiting those who were affected by the recent impacts of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey.

Help Houston Heal not only strives to benefit individuals and families in the immediate Houston, TX area but also surrounding cities and communities.

Through fundraising efforts, Help Houston Heal has a mission of raising $7K+ to benefit Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Houston Food Bank, and the Hurricane Harey Relief Drive. In addition to raising money, the Help Houston Heal campaign is also collecting food, clothes, and hygiene products. If you have anything to give, please reference the links below for contact information and drop off locations.

Contact: Asia McMillan (321) 230-4057 | Drop off locations: West Oaks Academy, Ocoee, FL.

Funds raised through the Help Houston Heal campaign will be distributed to provide food, clothing, and shelter, while also meeting other necessary needs of those who have been impacted by Harvey.

Whether it is a couple of dollars or a few cans of food, Help Houston Heal is grateful for your contributions and support to aid those who are in need.

Along side our campaign, we have also started a sponsorship donation package. If you are a brand or business that is looking to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, for a $10 donation to the Help Houston Heal campaign we will provide you with an opportunity to be a campaign sponsor. Through our network of partners and affiliates, we guarantee that your brand or business will see an increase in brand awareness and business/website traffic while helping those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

If you would like to become a sponsor or to learn more information please contact Asia McMillan. 

Help Houston Heal was started with the heart in mind. Fresh Ambition, I AM Asia, Cans & Hoops, along with other businesses and organizations, have partnered to positively market and promote a campaign that serves to be completely transparent in planning, process, service, and distribution. 


To learn more about the partnering companies, please visit

Fresh Ambition | I AM: Asia | Cans & Hoops | The Midas Group